Chairman Greeting

Welcome to Dongil Shipyard Co.,Ltd


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the progress and activities of our company.
Since our company was founded in March 1970 DONGIL SHIPYARD Co., LTD. has complete work on over 3000 vessel. We use only highly skilled manpower to complete all varieties of ship maintenance and conversion work. Our over 45 years of experience using modern technology has produced consistently high quality work and reduced delivery times. We have been very successful at satisfying our customers not only in Korea but also in many Far Eastern countries including Russia.
We are convinced and committed to the fact that our success depends on the trust and support and ultimate success of you, our customer. We realize that our success depends on having you as a customer, not just once but satisfied returning customer.
We will continue to work hard to achieve that goal and we look forward to the pleasure of meeting you and serving your needs in all areas of th Marine Industry.

Sincerely yours,
S. T. Kim, Chairman

Company Summary

Dongil Shipyard Co.,Ltd

• President S.T.KIM (KIM SUNG TAE)
• Address 391, Wonyang-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, S.Korea
• Establishment 1st Mar. 1970
• Finance Capital : $914,549.65 (Sales : $26,235,565.82)
• Factory scale • Yard area : 21,747.30㎡
• Working area : 1,298.12㎡
• Incidental facility area : 4,345.12㎡
• Public waters : 12,496㎡
• Telephone TEL : 051-200-1211 / FAX : 051-200-1288
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• E-mail [email protected]